Parenting Coach

Reading about parenting can be a great way of getting some ideas on “tips and tricks” when it comes to managing our children.

Having a personal coach however, takes you beyond these “tips and tricks” into the world of growing WITH your children.

Tracey brings a wealth of experience working with parents and children. She recognises that each child takes us on a ride towards being a ‘bigger’ version of you.

Tips and tricks will only take you so far, it’s the internal shifts that take place when we step back and see the bigger picture. When we do this, we see the deeper truth behind our behaviour and our children’s behaviour. We realise that it’s all connected, our children are reflecting back at us what they learn from us.

Tracey is incredibly insightful when it comes to identifying what’s really going on – and helping you to make those changes within you first. The children then follow. She is knowledgeable and uses humour to challenge you to be the best parent you can be.

Tracey’s process involves;

  • Identifying the ‘biggest weed in the garden.’ What is the one thing we can address that will make the biggest difference – and focus on that.
  • Asking questions to identify and understand what might be behind the behaviour.
  • Learning and understanding developmental stages within your child. What they are truly capable of at this age and stage.
  • Ways to reconnect with the child – before correcting the behaviour.
  • Identifying your own stressors and drivers behind your reactions.
  • A plan to move your relationship with your child into more ‘growth-oriented’ relationship.

These coaching sessions can be arranged face-to-face or over zoom video chat.

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