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About CalmParent

Unlike other parenting education programs, CalmParent puts the focus on YOU, the parent. Together with a community of fellow mums or dads, you will be guided by your facilitator to learn the skills to support your transition to parenthood, allowing you to embrace the hardness and joys of being a parent.

Our courses are delivered in a safe learning environment that facilitates sharing with your fellow mums (or dads). Alternatively, our online course is available for parents that are not able to make the weekly in house groups

We’re here to support you!

As a new parent in today’s world, it can easily feel like a continual struggle as the pressures mount on top of each other. Isolation, financial hardships, work commitments, and pressure to conform represent only the tip of the iceberg for many parents.

It isn’t an easy transition to parenthood and often parents find themselves lacking the knowledge and support networks to successfully make the progression.

That’s why so many parents have chosen to undertake CalmParent. We represent a safe space for new parents to grow and settle into their new roles as mothers and fathers. Our aim is to help parents to shape their experience of parenthood and improve their relationships. Together, our facilitators and network of parents will be supporting you as you embark on this journey of self-discovery.

CalmParent can help you to..

• Develop the skills and mindset necessary to becoming a calm parent.

• Establish coping mechanisms to deal with the uncertainty that comes with parenthood

• Learn to manage your anger, stress and anxiety during parenting

• Babyproof your relationship

• Understand and maintain your work/life balance

• Regain your lost identity, and become a better role model for your child

• Trust yourself and the decision you make as a calm parent

Meet Your Facilitators


Tracey is the Director of CalmParent Canberra. She has 18 years experience working with new parents and 12 years experience as an educator and Birth Support Person. She has four children and absolutely loves watching people change from being anxious about having their baby, to excited to become a calm parent.


Brendon works with dads one-on-one and in groups as a dad coach to help set goals, develop strategies and to navigate new responsibilities. He is a dad himself and enjoys working with other dads to help balance parenting, career, relationships and themselves to be great dads.


Emily is an AHPRA-registered clinical psychologist and mum to three young children. She has a PhD in Developmental Psychology and is an experienced lecturer in the area of childhood development, including attachment, cognitive, social, and emotional development, as well as clinical childhood difficulties. Emily is an experienced group facilitator and is passionate about promoting and encouraging emotional intelligence in children.

What You’ll Learn…

1. Parenting this era – learn how to manage difficult times as a parent 2. Self-discovery – regain and transform your identity as parents 3. Our most challenging relationships – how to control change in your lives with your partner and child 4. Feeding and expressing love – ‘Feed’ your significant relationships 5. The artful work of intuitive parenting – Master the art and intuitiveness of parenting 6. Work/life contentment – Discover the factors which will help you in maintaining a successful balance 7. Let’s talk about sex – Learn how birth influences your sex life 8. Creating your family rituals – Make your family rituals and a unique culture 9. Creating community – Learn how others can support you in your parenthood

What Do Parents say about CalmParent?

Wednesday, it was literally a big highlight of my week. Tracey has an amazing way of facilitating the group and a beautiful manner that put us all at ease to discuss the issues that are important to us as we embark on this new world of parenting…


Listening to other mother’s struggles and triumphs gave me the self-confidence that was missing since I gave birth


Walking into the calm parenting studio each week was like being wrapped in a warm blanket of love. It was the perfect empathy tonic during my first weeks of parenthood


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